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During times of change and uncertainty, pets can feel anxious, uneasy and afraid. Calmeroos Puppy was created to provide soothing comfort to your furry pal when they need it most. Designed to appeal to your pet's natural instincts, Calmeroos Puppy recreates the experience of cuddling up to their mama and littermates when there wasn't a care in the world. With Calmeroos Puppy by your pet's side, anxiety relief and comfort are just a heartbeat away! 

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  • Includes Calmeroos Puppy plush, plastic heart with heartbeat (2 - AAA batteries included), and 2 disposable heat packs!

  • Our Heat Packs last up to 36 hours each!

  • Heart operates on 2 - AAA batteries which are included!

  • Plush is machine washable with heart and heat pack removed.

  • Safe for pets - no plastic pieces on plush!

  • Helps puppies sleep through the night and transition from their littermates to your loving home; Great for easing anxiety and comforting pets of all ages!

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